UIkit in Beans

Beans UIkit API is used to integrate the awesome UIkit 2 framework and gives you complete control over which components are loaded on any given page.

In most WordPress themes using UIkit, the entire Core UIkit CSS and JavaScript are loaded on every page, even though not all of them are being used. This is often referred to as framework bloat. With Beans however, you can use the UIkit API functions to enqueue or dequeue any of the available components, on a per-page-basis. This gives you the full power of UIkit, without any of the overhead.

Be sure to read the UIkit API documentation to learn more.

UIkit components used by Beans

In order for Beans to function properly, the following UIkit components are included by default on every page:

  • Alert
  • Article
  • Badge
  • Base
  • Breadcrumb
  • Button
  • Comment
  • Dropdown
  • Form
  • Grid
  • Icon
  • List
  • Nav
  • Navbar
  • Offcanvas
  • Pagination
  • Panel
  • Subnav
  • Table
  • Text
  • Utility