Remove markup attribute.

This function must be called before the targeted markup is called.

The “data-markup-id” is added as a HTML attribute if the development mode is enabled. This makes it very easy to find the content ID when inspecting an element in a web browser.

beans_remove_attribute( string $id, string $attribute, string $value = null )

Return: (array) All targeted markup attributes remaining.


$idstringtrue-The markup ID.
$attributestringtrue-Name of the HTML attribute to target.
$valuestringfalsenullName of the value to remove. Set it to 'false' to completely remove the attribute.


function beans_remove_attribute( $id, $attribute, $value = null ) {

	$class = new _Beans_Attributes( $id, $attribute, $value );

	return $class->init( 'remove' );