Here is what makes Beans even better

We like to describe Beans as an acquired taste. The more you use it, the better it becomes.

WordPress minded

WordPress is Beans roles model. Just like WordPress, Beans is free, Open Source, intelligently coded and very well documented. Anybody who is accustom to WordPress will feel at home when using Beans.

Stable updates

Everybody loves one click updates! We love it too, but more importantly, we love when things don’t go wrong. Making sure that your websites don’t break is one of our top priorities.

Top notch documentation

Whether you’re just getting started or want to take advantage of the powerful Beans API, you will find your answers in the documentation. Moreover, we frequently add and improve Beans documentation based on users feedback.

Latest technologies

LESS, CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery are no strangers to Beans theme. In fact, these technologies are what makes Beans. We use the most advanced technologies without compromising on stability.

Plugins friendly

Since Beans theme follows WordPress standards to the letter, all well coded plugins will work smoothly. Choose your plugins wisely as Beans loves to be surounded by well roasted friends.

Flexible and extendable

Beans theme is built with flexibility and extendibility in mind. Every element on the page can be moved, modified or removed. If you are a pro, the powerful API will blow you away.